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продажа квартир новая усмань воронежской

11-11-11-MOVIE.RU - assemblage of book Block Books In firm Cover Binding (Zechini Record), (Zechini Rimbo) (Zechini. Ottima), (Zechini Roby Junior). Equipment : 300 150 7 (), : , Binding Zechini Beta - . 4 rbts.txt            complexity of the given stage consists that simultaneously is required both split-hair accuracy, and durability of a fastening book Block Binding Covers. there are some variants of its realisation. automatic the car with giving Block And covers we do not consider because of the high price. the most effective investment of means On ours The sight will be semi-automatic car Zechini Gamma which only glues Block Under the fly-leaf, and giving of a cover and its centering are made manually. the semiautomatic device from Schmedt (praleg) assumes less manual skills of the operator, but is twice more expensive at the price, and has no emphasis for fixing book Block During the moment that sometimes compels the operator to re-stick manually Books . : Block , for the best fastening and good appearance, Books It is necessary to sustain under pressure. are for this purpose applied mechanical, electromechanical and hydraulic the press. the cheapest screw the press with a manual drive, but they are not convenient and do not provide a pressure constancy on a measure a material. electromechanical and hydraulic cars carry out compression according to the established size and duration of endurance. for the best Books It is necessary to carry out operation of its "shading", that is to create the narrow pressed through strips along a back at the edge of a cover. cars for shading work by means of the flat knife put to To book , or a disk, along back Books . the operator sets heating temperature, force and duration of pressure. Books In firm Cover Not such expensive and difficult process as it "paint". at a lack of means it is possible to enter this business gradually, having bought On the first A stage only the most necessary units the equipment and to replace the rest with manual skills. and in process of business development lacking Equipment . the italian technics Zechini Resulted here as an example, is universal. with its help it is possible to let out as budgetary Books On stream , and the high-quality illustrated editions in piece quantities.